ADE Project

What is ADE?

ADE, or Aquaculture Development for the Environment, is a nonprofit organization based in the US and Fiji that is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of coral reefs both within Fiji and around the world.

ADE's mission is to fund and provide education, training, and capacity building efforts for reef restoration projects at the community level, all while creating new and innovative ways for future projects to achieve self-sufficiency. The ADE project achieves this by bolstering sustainable management and conservation of marine ecosystems across the world, evolving and expanding aquaculture and mariculture methods to help protect the environment, and contributing to local rural communities with education and financial support.

The Objective

To promote awareness, conservation, and sustainable management of global marine ecosystems through the development of aquaculture and coral reef restoration, creating local economic opportunities while ensuring food security and creating a platform for scientific research.

Stand with Us!

Big Al’s is a proud supporter of this life changing project. With your help, we CAN and WILL make a difference for generations to come!


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"No single act or initiative will be enough, but if we combine our efforts in harmony and commit to the path of recovery, we can and will make a difference"